Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Is there such a thing as too many monograms?

In a word: no. I first discovered my love for monograms my freshman year at The College of Charleston. When I arrived, I found myself living in a confined space with a girl who can only be described as the "ultimate Southern Belle". Though I hail from a state just south of the Mason Dixon line, I had resisted the over-the-top girlyness so prevalent among so-called G.R.I.T.S (girls raised in the South). I scoffed at the many monogrammed items she unpacked including, but not limited too, CD cases, sheets, a towel dress (a totally new phenomenon to me), frames, handbags, jewelry, etc. I found that her side of this 10' x 10' space was absolutely covered by her initials. As I became closer with this girl and several other Southern preps, I came to love and respect the monogram. I began to understand its power to turn an ordinary gift into an extraordinary gift, to turn a simple white towel or pillowcase into a classic home essential, to turn something as cold as a plain silver frame into a cherished personal keepsake. Now that I am such a strong advocate for the monogram, I sometimes question whether I have taken things too far. What is the etiquette of monograms? Because I live with an anti-monogram roommate, must I relegate all of my monograms to my bedroom or should I feel free to spread them throughout the common spaces of my house? Will my future husband become exasperated with me and my myriad of monograms? Do people who don't know interpret my obsessive monogramming as blatant narcissism? I guess, in the end, the answer is this - I don't care. I love my monogram (BRD, in case you were wondering) and don't intend to apologize for it. With that, here are some of my favorite monogrammed items. Enjoy!

Love these! Kind of on the pricey side, but worth it!


Christmas gift for me? I think so.


A great stocking stuffer!


A fabulous (and inexpensive) hostess gift!


Someday I will have a guest room with toile bedding and this will grace the nightstand. Ahhh...


Love these monogrammed wall prints! Available in lots of colors and patterns.



Denise said...

You are so funny! You WERE trying to be funny, right? Seriously though, I think this blog will be a perfect outlet for your amazing online shopping skills. I love the links to all the monogrammed stuff, and now realize that a mono'ed pumpkin would've been a great idea. ;-) Love the purple and green colors, too!

marcymichele said...

Thanks for the toile bedroom "shout out"!