Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Happy New Year!

Because it is New Year's Eve and because I am sitting on my couch getting over a bad cold, I thought - what better time to think about my resolutions for 2009? So, here it goes.....

1. Get healthy! Note - I am not saying any of the following: lose weight, diet, exercise 2 hours every day, shrink to a size 2. I am saying GET HEALTHY. Every time I've resolved to diet, it has rarely lasted more than a month. So, this year I'm going to resolve to get healthy. Be conscious of what I eat, enjoy more healthful and nutritious foods, make it a point to incorporate exercise into my daily life.

2. Volunteer. I have had the opportunity to volunteer throughout my life and it makes me feel indescribably good.

3. Take classes....for fun. I resolve to take some of the money I spent on clothes, shoes, and bags in 2008 and use that money to take classes in 2009. I have always wanted to take a pottery class and I would love to take cooking classes. Also, I would love to learn a second language (or at least brush up on my French).

4. Travel. First stop - Italy.

5. Find my passion. Pursue it. Live it everyday.

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