Tuesday, May 19, 2009

SO excited!!!!

Finally! A reality show that focuses on classy Southern ladies! Well, let's hope so.... I am VERY excited for the premiere on Thursday! Unfortunately, I don't get Soapnet but my Mom does and, although she doesn't know if yet, she will be recording it for me!

Can we also talk about my other really guilty pleasure - The Real Housewives of New Jersey? I am waiting anxiously for tonight's episode. My favorite part of the season premiere? When Theresa spends $102,000 on furniture for her soon-to-be built McMansion.....in cash. Yowza. So far, I think my favorite character is Jacqueline - the one from Las Vegas. She seems genuine and sweet to me, but....the season is young. She could turn out to be crazy! That's what makes The Real Housewives great - you never know.... love it!


MG said...

Oh, I love Real Housewives. Seriously, I think Teresa's husband is in the mob. Paying for everything in cash..who carries that much cash around with them? Crazy!

ChelseaMarie said...

I can't wait for Southern Belles! I am still up in the air about RHONJ, I agree with MG there has to be some Mob connections somewhere.

Katherine said...

ummmm sorry to break it to you but those girls are NOT classy. i know for a fact. i live in louisville. emily g. got fired from a news station in lexington for a dui which was splashed all over the internet. and the hadley girl, i don't actually know that she is a skank, but the guy russ that is on the show with her, ummm NASTY. he has been to my apartment and is disgusting and like 5'2". in the preview they say he is a "bad boy" but really he is a loser who no one likes. i'd consider those "southern bells" as our version of the NJ housewives. gross.

BRD said...

Oh, no Katherine! Say it isn't so! I was so hoping for some genuine Southern belles.... :(

--DC Prep