Wednesday, June 17, 2009

The Real Housewives of NJ Finale.....

.....did not disappoint.


Here are my ten observations:

1. The front doors at Teresa's new house are the tackiest, gaudiest front doors I have ever seen. Her whole house is pretty ridiculous. Dina was right - her living room looks like a banquet hall.

2. Caroline's husband Albert's best friend, Bernie, is a shady character. I thought his name sounded familiar....

3. Caroline has always seemed very mafia to me. I can easily picture her being the head of a "family". This article proves that perhaps it's just in her blood....

4. I was SHOCKED by Jacqueline. I cannot believe she stood up against THE family!

5. I have to admit - call me naive - I was surprised that Dina was actually so involved in the release of the book. She kept denying she had anything to do with it and I was actually starting to believe her. I was blinded by the fact that I was really starting to like Dina. Now, not as much.... She clearly lied repeatedly to Danielle. She should have just taken the wrap and said 1. Yes, I told people about the book, 2. I do not like you, Danielle and we will never be friends, 3. I did it in retaliation for rumors you spread about me. Done. Just be honest! Who cares?

6. What were the alleged rumors Danielle spread about Dina? Did they ever discuss that in detail?

7. I was happy that Teresa sent her children out of the room for the fight. Imagine if they had been there to witness their mother's behavior? Good lord.

8. Clearly, Teresa is very insecure about her own intelligence since that is what prompted her to start table tossing followed by a string of expletives. My thoughts on this? When someone gets that defensive about an insinuation that they're stupid, that usually means that they are.

9. The person I liked best at the end of this episode was Jacqueline's husband, Chris. He interceded and made some valid points - they were all acting like fools. So true, but it made for great television.

10. I can't wait for the reunion special!


MG said...

I love how at the end Teresa claims to normally be a classy woman. Since when? She has always been over the top for me.

I agree about the whole Mafia thing...Caroline needing a guard dog for protection, just another nail in that coffin.

Lis said...

I agree totally about everything on your list!!

I can't believe Teresa's new house - I loved the kitchen details of what I could see and that is about all I loved (ok, maybe the yard..) but it's so gaudy!!

Caroline is super crazy mafia and seriously they do need to be honest with Danielle - they act so rough and tough lets just put it all out there then!!

I was SO surprised that Jac stood up to them! She really is so sweet and a good person (at least one of them is)!!

I cannot wait until the reunion special next week!!! I'm sure we will have lots more to "discuss" then!!!

Lis said...

Thanks for the comment! :) And yes I think Jacqueline totally uses one when she rocks that big ponytail!! :)

The Northerner said...

omg so crazy. I kind of felt like a lot of the end of the episode was staged. but, still good stuff!

Domestic Diva said...

Ok.. I might be the only one that thinks this.. BUT
Shame on the stripper for bringing that book and ruining the dinner party. There were children and cameras there. Where is her shame..she did most of what was in that book..let's get real. Look how she talked about MONEY- MEN - SEX-ETC!
Jac may be a nice person, but picking that one over your family...not so much! Can't wait to see what happens at the reunion. I miss the OC housewives!!
Have a fabulous day!!
xxx me