Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Reality TV is my new boyfriend.

Ugh. I'm out. Call me naive but I was really hoping the "big announcement" from Jon & Kate was that they were stopping the show to focus on their marriage and their family. Unfortunately, I was very wrong.

I have been an avid watcher of Jon & Kate Plus 8 for a long time but I refuse to watch a family go through this. I think the children are adorable but I do not want to watch them as they experience the break-up of their parents' marriage. It is just too depressing. The Real Housewives of NJ is much more uplifting. ;)

Speaking of The Real Housewives, did you watch it last night?! Honestly, I was a little underwhelmed. After the table-flipping finale, I was expecting things to get crazy! However, Thursday's Part II looks really entertaining, especially when Caroline refers to Danielle as "garbage".

A couple things.....I love Jacqueline and was very happy to hear that she gave birth to a healthy baby boy BUT did anyone think her lips looked huge and ridiculous?! She had her lips injected during Danielle's botox party but it looks like she's been going overboard with the collagen. She's so pretty - why would she do that? A side note: do you think she uses a bump-it? Her pony tails are fab and always have that bumped look....

No surprise here - Danielle really annoyed me last night. She is so phony and, as Teresa said, she's all drama, drama, drama! It really irritated me that she started to cry when they rehashed the gay slur. Talk about overreacting! She also appeared to get emotional when Caroline discussed their family's ties to the mafia. Puh-lease!

Can't wait for Thursday's show!


MG said...

Yes, her lips were huge!

I've loved watching that show. I'm so glad there is a second part to the reunion!

preppyplayer said...

Those shows are my guilty pleasure. I agree, I will not watch Jon and Kate any longer- done.

As for RHONJ? Love, Love , Love it! ( to quote teresa)

Jacqueline is my fav and I thought maybe her lips were swollen due to her advanced pregnancy-huge weight gain.

stacilynfeldman said...

all my thoughts exactly! danielle behaves like a high schooler - with all the drama she creates & stirs up. if you find out about jacqueline's pony tail, let us know!!

Anonymous said...

I so wish my kiddos didn't rule the television- I am missing everything!

I tagged you!

xoxo, Bitsy

Allie in G'town said...

Wednesday nights are such a let down after John and Kate on Monday and RH Reunion,NYC Prep AND Saving Grace on Tuesdays! I am team Kate, Dina, Caroline and Theresa. Jaqueline's lips were huge and she needs to finally take a stand for someone. I have high hopes for part deux!

Kate said...

I really though that was going to be Jon and Kate's announcement. I hate that they will continue filming!