Monday, June 25, 2012

Six Random Thoughts for Monday

1. No offense to anyone who has one, but if someone offered me a free PT Cruiser, I still don't think I'd drive it. The same goes for a Cube.

2. I've noticed a phenomenon in the DC metro area lately - due in large part to the warmer weather I'm sure. Women who wear short dresses - for work or play - but neglect to realize that a slit in the back of a dress or skirt needs to be seriously reviewed when purchasing. For instance, I saw a girl on the way into work this morning who had an adorable (relatively short) dress on but the slit in the back made it indecent. I literally saw her unmentionables, which were a very bright color. Good for her on the fun underwear, bad for me that I saw another woman's panties before my morning tea. Don't forget, ladies - most dressing room mirrors have at least three sides! Please look at all angles before purchasing.

3. Do you think news organizations routinely get stories about people who shoot things through their heads (arrows, spears, nail guns, etc.) and survive, but wait a certain amount of time before reporting on them? It just seems to me that this type of story makes an appearance every 6 months or so on my morning news program...

4. Sometimes I really miss John Candy.

5. I bought this dress this weekend and I am in serious love. It is so comfortable, not to mention adorable. In case you can't tell what the pattern is, it's buoys! Very nautical. It is definitely going to be my go-to summer dress. Now, I just need to be invited a casual but chic event in Annapolis. How perfect would it be?!

6. Have you heard the rumors about Ann Curry leaving The Today Show? I, for one, am really happy about it. I'm sorry if there are a lot of Ann fans out there, but I just don't care for her. Her lack of chemistry with Matt and Al, and her lame sense of humor just makes her painful to watch. Plus, I feel like when she interviews people who have gone through a crisis she literally whispers the interview in an effort to seem extra sensitive. I saw her interview the Dalai Lama and I had to turn the volume up because she was almost inaudible. I miss Meredith - she also made me uncomfortable at times but her inappropriate sense of humor made me laugh. Plus, they were always making fun of her for drinking a ton of wine, which I also do. ; )

Anyone have any random thoughts they'd like to share this Monday? I'd love to hear them!


Katiellirb said...

I miss Meredith too! I love Ann but I dont think morning TV is the right fit for her. I would love to see Natalie get the co-host spot, but pray its not Savana. Just my thoughts on the topic :)

MCW said...

I love Ann! Maybe it's because I have met her in person and she really is so nice.

The slit comment is so true. I have often walked in front of mirrors before leaving the house just to make sure.