Monday, January 19, 2009

Day of Service

Apart from being Martin Luther King Jr. Day, it is also a national day of service. It was initiated in 1994 and - guess what - I just found that out. So, since I have no plans today I am going to do the following:

1. Give blood - I'm a universal donor so it's my obligation even though I am totally grossed out by it.

2. Donate clothes - I have 3 trash bags full that have been in my trunk for months.

I encourage all of you who have the day off to participate in some community service today as well! Here is a great web site that links you to service activites you can do in your area.

Have a great day!


Kappa Prep said...

What a wonderful way to spend your time today. It is always so important to give back to others!

The Fabulous Life of a Southern Belle said...

Tagged you in a fun game, go check out my blog!

preppyplayer said...

excellent suggestions and so easy too!

Molly said...

Very impressive! I am so bad I never comment..need to start!