Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Capitol Hill Beauty Contest

Anyone who has worked on or near Capitol Hill knows about The Hill's annual '50 Most Beautiful' list. I wait with bated breath each summer to see who has made the cut. I find it entertaining for two reasons: 1) I like to look at attractive people, particularly men and 2) I like to judge their choices. In years past, the recipients have been so-so. Mostly, the women are attractive and the men are a huge disappointment. Another reason why it's hard to be a single girl in DC. :(

While the 2009 list has not yet been released, they have provided a teaser - eight staffers who have volunteered themselves for a Readers Choice contest. Readers get to vote for the two most 'attractive' people and then those two will be added to the list. So, go ahead and vote! I will of course post as soon as the full list is published!


MCW said...

Ummm...none of them jump out at me. The first girls seems a little like a you know what. But, maybe its just how the article was written???

Summer Wind said...

this is really neat, thanks for sharing

Pink Makes the World Go 'Round said...

I will for sure let you know how the Shred goes, if I end up doing it. And "I'm sick of looking at it, so it's gots to go!" is my new motto! :)

Can't wait to see who the beautiful people in DC are! Isn't it always funny that the girls are knock-outs while the guys