Thursday, February 26, 2009

Ina's Life

One of my favorite things to do is to watch cooking shows with my Mom, specifically Barefoot Contessa. I have recently had a breakthrough and now realize that if my life someday resembled her life, I would be a very happy girl. Allow me to elaborate...

1. She has a wonderful husband who adores her and supports her career.

2. She has a booming career doing something she loves, and it happens to involve eating fantastic food!

3. She lives in a gorgeous house in the Hamptons and has the kitchen of my dreams.

4. She has a network of fabulous gay friends. Enter her new BGF T.R. Pescod, or as I like to call him, Silver Fox.


Seaside Prep said...

i need to watch this show... it looks like so much fun! That kitchen is to die for! :)

Meggers said...

My mom and I joke that we want to move to the Hamptons so we can be one of her friends and attend her fabulous parties! And I adore The Silver Fox!

The Cape House said...

Yep, she looks pretty happy. Her cookbooks were all the rage in my family this past Christmas.