Tuesday, February 3, 2009

I've been tagged! Part 2

Thank you BLC from The Company She Keeps for tagging me.

THE RULES: Step 1: Respond and rework [answer, replace disliked, and add one more]. Step 2: Tag. Yep, 8 more peeps.

Favorite football team: The Washington Redskins!!!! I am a DC girl after all...

Clothes of choice: J. Crew, Banana Republic, Old Navy, Gap, Ann Taylor

Current book of choice: Change of Heart by Jodi Piccoult

Best bear hug: My grandmother, for as little as she is, gives a mean hug.

Obsession of choice: Magazines - I cannot leave the grocery or drug store without at least one magazine. It takes me 15 minutes to read them and then I throw them away. It is such a waste.

Favorite websites: I browse online at my favorite store sites everyday and I check my favorite preppy blogs every day!

Must-show-kids movie: The Goonies

My super power would be: Healing those in pain.

Favorite weather: No humidity and about 65 degrees, a little cooler at night.

Wake-up call: 7:30 AM

Most challenging goal: Getting my life together!!!

House {paid for and furnished} Nantucket

Vacay spot: I love, love, love Nantucket! I also love my Dad's place in Breckenridge during the summer.

Favorite book: Life's Little Instruction Book

Evil, irresistible temptation: Cupcakes! They are so cute and delicious. I can never resist them.

Any job of the world: Being the editor-in-chief of a fashion or design magazine. Imagine all the free goodies you'd get! The more altruistic part of me says being a member of Congress would be pretty rewarding too.

Favorite quote: "Be the change you want to see in the world." Ghandi


Lis said...

Ooh love this!! I also leave the store with magazines that I look at once and then throw away! And I am also a cupcake addict. I have to stay away from them because I just can't say no!

Jules said...

I cannot leave the supermarket or drugstore without some magazines either.

BLC :o said...

Awe!! So cute, and I LOOOOVE the quote!! Xoxo-BLC