Wednesday, February 11, 2009


Why do I continually watch movies or TV shows that make me cry??? I just can't help myself. Here is a sampling of said programs....

I watch this show several times a week....and I cry almost every time I watch it. The reason I keep doing this to myself? It reminds me that no matter how bad I think my problems are, there are LOTS of people who have it a lot worse than I do.

You know it, you love it. It's Steel Magnolias - the quintessential chick flick. This has been one of my favorite movies since I was in high school. I have probably seen it 100 times. Can I recite lines from the movie? Sure. Do I know very well what is going to happen at the end? Yes. Do I still cry EVERY SINGLE TIME? Absolutely.

Another chick flick? Check. Another movie I've seen hundreds of times? Check. A movie I cry at every time I see it? Check.

A side note: I also have a hard time turning off programs that make me scared. Inevitably, I will be flipping through the channels and I end up stopping on some show about the paranormal...typically at night when I am home alone and right before I go to bed. Good call.


hFr said...

cute blog!

Cant wait to follow!

Meggers said...

I seriously cannot watch Extreme Home Makeover anymore, because I'll cry within the first 30 minutes, and continue crying until the end of it!

PreppyGirl said...

haha It's okay to cry! I cry at the end of every Grey's Anatomy episode practically! I've never seen Steel Magnolias (sad I know) but it's definitely on my list!

DAB said...

Messing up your eye makeup; puffed up eyes; probably extra wrinkles from all that tissue wiping. Why not switch to watching only happy talking animal movies, like I do! Madagascar, Happy Feet, Shrek, Antz: sure, there's always a bit of tension in there somewhere, but in the end the talking animals always prevail. Real life is too stressful, so why choose to add more? ;-)