Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Cute Blog Award!

Texan Couture gave me this fabulous award! Thank you!

The challenge is to list ten not so cute things about yourself. Here I go....

1. Generally, I look pretty busted in the morning. If there are days that I wake up and look decent, I get really excited and wish someone was there to see it. I have actual anxiety about finding a boy who will love me, even as bad as I look pre-shower. Not cute.

2. The bottom of my jeans that drag on the ground when I wear flats. Not cute.

3. I tend to use very bad language when I'm driving and another driver wrongs me. Sometimes the words that come out of my mouth shock even me. My mother would be very disappointed... Not cute.

4. I have to agree with Texan Couture, my hair in humidity is awful. I have fine hair and it was just not meant for humid climates. Not cute.

5. My face when I cry is pretty disturbing. My face get 3-4 shades redder than any normal person's face should. Not cute.

6. One time, I feel asleep in the sun with a hand across my leg. One part of my leg was pale white, one was very pink. Not cute.

7. I rarely look good when eating tacos, burgers, or spaghetti no matter how hard I try. Not cute.

8. I had hard core straight across the face bangs all through high school and into college. This was way before it was trendy and cool to have bangs. It was not cool. I also had not discovered the benefits of Sun-In. Not cute.

9. When any sports team I am rooting for is losing.... Not cute.

10. After a long day, I come home, put on sweats, remove all make up, throw my hair up and pin it back, and put on my glasses. Not cute.

Ok! Now you know at least ten of my dirty, not cute secrets! Please don't think less of me! :)
I give this award to....

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Kate said...

So with you on 3 and 10

Meggers said...

Thanks!!! And as for number 7, does anyone look cute eating those foods? Not even Brad Pitt could make spagetti or tacos sexy.

Ms. Nonsense said...

Thanks DC Prep!

SPG said...

Congratulations. This is a so funny post!!